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Pretty Parlor

With the help of these step-by-step cleaning and hairstyling tips, you can make your ponies pretty. Some pages have pictures, to make it even easier to follow the procedures.

Please note: this is only a guide. MLP Land cannot be held responsible if you damage a pony. Please test the methods out for yourself on custom bait ponies.

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Cleaning tips:
· Surface dirt
· Persistent dirt
· Tail rust and rust on the inside
· Pony cancer and fungus (smooze)
· Stains from ink, permanent markers, lipstick, food and fungus
· Pindot Mold (black dots)
· Cleaning So-Soft Ponies
· Plush ponies with (yellowish) stains

Hair tips:
· Knots
· Dry/frizzy hair
· Making corkscrew curls
· Making large curls
· Making medium sized curls
· Making baby curls