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Name Good Morning Sunshine
Dutch name Goeiemorgen m'n Zonnetje
Year of issue 2005
Family My So-Soft Baby Pony with Advanced Features
Species Earth Pony
Colour of body Pink
Colour of manes Neon pink/yellow/pink
Colour of tail Neon pink/yellow/pink
Symbol Is located on the left hip:
- Smiling sun (yellow/orange/blue/pink)
- Two clouds (white/blue)
- Three hearts (pink)
The pony wears a deep pink babys uit with flowers and white feet and a white border.
Colour of eyes Blue/pink/yellow
Symbol on eyes Two hearts: one pink; one yell
Mouth Open
Hoof heart MLP-logo on left hind leg
Year on label 2005
Year on package 2005
Land on label China
Accessories - Brush with flowers and butterfly (pink)
- Bottle (yellow/pink)
- Pacifier (blue) which is attached to her suit by a ribbon (yellow)
Remarks This special baby pony wants you to love her and wants you to take care of her.
When you strike her back, whe wakes up and start sitting all by herself! She smiles, talks, moves and blinks with her eyes. When you give her the pacifier, she's off to dreamland, until it is time again to play!
This is what the Dutch baby pony says:
- Goedemorgen, mama! (Good morning, mommy!)
- Ik hou van jou! (I love you!)
- Mag ik een kusje? (Can I have a kiss?)
- Kom, we gaan spelen! (Come on, let's play!)