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Name Rose Blossom
Dutch name Roosje
Year of issue 2004
Family My So-Soft "Baby Alive" Ponies
Species Earth Pony
Colour of body Pink
Colour of manes Pink/orange/deep pink
Colour of tail Pink/orange/deep pink
Symbol Is located on the left hip:
- Flower (pink/green/white) with image of her symbol
The front of the body is covered with flowers (pink/white/purple/green), which is supposed to be a sweater.
The pony has white feet.
Colour of eyes Blue/light blue/yellow
Symbol on eyes Flower (pink/white)
Mouth Open
Hoof heart MLP-logo on left leg
Year on label 2004
Year on package 2004
Land on label China
Accessories - Diaper (white) with image of her symbol
- Brush with flowers and butterfly (pink)
- Nappy (pink)
- Baby carrier (pink) with paned rims (pink/white), two images of her symbol, the MLP-logo, and a special place to put away the nappy and/or brush
Remarks - This is what te so soft pony can do:
1. She makes drinking sounds when you feed her.
2. When you put her to bed, she yawns when she falls asleep.
3. When you press the heart on her foot, she starts to giggle.