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Name Pinkie Pie's Balloon House
Year of issue 2007
Family Ponyville Building Playsets
Year on package 2006
Accessories - Pony "Pinkie Pie"
- Pony "Blossomforth"
- Bed (orange/pink)
- Table (orange)
- Seesaw (pink/orange)
- Frog (green/black)
- Vase (yellow)
- Flowers (pink/green)
- Two perfume bottles (yellow)
- Bath brush (green)
- Two sandwiches (yellow/white) on plate (yellow)
- Two cups (yellow)
- Two large envelopes (one pink; one purple)
- Three small envelopes (one light blue; one blue; one dark blue)
Remark Pinkie Pie’s balloon house is pink with deep pink, and green on the top. The heart-shaped windows have a green border and the round windows a pink border. Under the windows hang green flower pots, filled with daisies. The playset is retractable and can easily be carried with the pink handle. The house stands on the grass. Left is a blue with pink bridge, on the bridge is a orange button. When the pony stands on it, the deep pink mailbox opens. The front door can be opened. The living room has a yellow with pink floor and the retractable part is pink with a floor cloth (sticker) with Pinkie Pie’s symbol. On the balcony stands a fountain. Press the orange button and the frog jumps in the fountain. In the bedroom hangs a chandelier. Press the pink button above the chandelier and it lights up.