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Name Birthday Afternoon with Rainbow Dash & Bunches-O-Fun
Year of issue 2007
Family Ponyville Packs
Year on package 2006
Accessories - Table (pink/white/turquoise) with heart-shaped balloon (pink/white) with MLP-logo (pink)
- Gift box (yellow/pink) which can be opened
- Smaller gift box (pink) which can be opened
- Teddy (orange/pink/white/black)
- Two party hats (pink/blue/yellow/purple/green) with MLP-logo (white/purple/orange)
- Pie (pink/orange/white) on plate (turquoise)
- Pizza box (white/pink/purple)
- Pizza (orange/pink) with one loose piece
- Bowl (yellow)
- Spoon (pink)
- Two cups (pink)
- Two slices of pie (pink/white) on plate (turquoise)
- Two ice creams (pink/white) in bowl (yellow)
- Two lollipops (one yellow/turquoise; one pink/turquoise)