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Name Rainbow Dash's Rainbow House
Year of issue 2008
Family Ponyville Building Playsets
Accessories - Pony "Rainbow Dash"
- Bird (blue/yellow)
- Hat (pink) with flower (pink/green)
- Skirt (orange/white/pink) with flower (pink)
- Camera (pink)
- Picture frame (pink) with picture of Cheerilee
- Picture frame (pink) with picture of Toola-Roola and Starsong
Remark The rainbow house is yellow with pink and green. There's a blue carpet inside and under the rainbow stands a blue mail box on a pink cloud. The white cloud on the front of the rainbow can go up and down and you can put a pony or Ponyville friend on it. In the room downstairs hangs a swing, consisting of a white cloud and a colourful rainbow.