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Name Fancy Fashions Boutique
Dutch name Fashionboetiek
Year of issue 2007
Family Ponyville Building Playsets
Year on package 2007
Accessories - Pony "Cherry Blossom"
- Two shopping bags (one yellow; one orange)
- Purse (pink)
- Two skirts (one pink/white; one green/pink)
- Two necklaces (one white; one green)
- Flower (orange) for in the hair
- Bow tie (pink) for in the hair
- Two perfume bottles (one green; one orange)
- Two hangers (yellow)
- Hat (green/pink)
- Accessory stand (yellow/green/purple)
Remark The boutique is in the shape of a purse and can be opened by turning the heart in the middle of the deep pink bow tie. The playset is pink with white and green. On the orange counter is a yellow cash register and on the floor lays a yellow carpet. When you turn the yellow thumbwheel the fashion display turns. On the left side stands a yellow with pink mailbox.