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Name Sweet Shoppe with Sweetberry
Year of issue 2007
Family Ponyville Building Playsets
Year on package 2006
Accessories - Counter (pink/orange)
- Table (green)
- Easel (blue)
- Freezer (green/transparent)
- Two lollipops (orange/pink)
- Two ice creams (pink/orange)
- Three desserts (pink/white/orange)
- One menu (pink/green/white/blue/brown) with jar of cookies
- One menu (purple/pink/blue/green/white/brown) with cake
- Three envelopes (one green; one pink; one orange)
Remark The shoppe is dark pink and white on the inside. The outside is yellow with a dark pink roof. On top of the roof lays a cherry (purple/green) which can be used to carry the playset.