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G3 Playsets

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Name Beautiful Blooms Shop
Dutch name Koolwitjes Bloemenhoekje
Corresponding pony Meadowbrook
Year of issue 2003
Description Beautiful Blooms Shop is turquoise with yellow, purple and pink and is decorated with fruit and flowers. The playset is retractable.
When a pony pushes the popcorn wagon, the popcorn really pops. The register opens when a pony touches the heart with her magnetic hoof. Turn the yellow knob on the conveyer belt to make food drop into the basket. The big white flowers really grow when a pony touches the heart of the pot with her magnetic hoof.
Accessories - Pony “Meadowbrook”
- Brush with flower (yellow)
- Pony charm (transparent yellow with glitters)
- Popcorn wagon (pink/turquoise/yellow) with fresh popcorn and a filled pack of popcorn (purple/yellow/white).
- Cash register (purple/pink/yellow/turquoise/black/red)
- Display (pink/white) with big pot (purple) with flowers (white/green/pink/orange)
- Fruit stand (purple) with two cups with fruit and two pineapples (yellow/orange/green) on it
- Flower stand with three compartments (purple)
- Basket (yellow/pink)
- Pack of popcorn (purple/yellow/white)
- Bananas (yellow)
- Fruitdish (yellow) with grapes and bananas
- Fruitdish (yellow) with apples, peers and
- Bowl (yellow) with blue berries
- Bowl (yellow) with red fruit
- Pot (terra) with tree (green/brown)
- Pot (purple)
- Sunflower (green/yellow/brown) to put in pot or vase
- Vase (purple)
- Wrapping paper for flowers (green/pink)
- Bunch of flowers (green/red; green/blue)
- Bunch of flowers (green/orange/yellow; green orange/white)
- Watering can (blue)