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G3 Playsets

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Name Cotton Candy Cafe
Dutch name Het Suikerspinhuis
Corresponding pony Cotton Candy
Year of issue 2003
Description The café is deep pink with purple and is decorated with flowers and bows. The playset is retractable. When a pony touches the heart of the register with her magnetic hoof, it opens and the cotton candy turns around. When a pony touches the heart of the stove with her magnetic hoof, the over door opens.
Accessories - Pony “Cotton Candy”
- Brush (pink) in the shape of a heart with a picture of pony Cotton Candy
- Pony charm (transparent pink with glitters)
- Two heart-shaped plates (white) with a slice of cake (pink/white)
- Two teacups (white)
- Two dishes (white)
- Cash register (purple/blue/pink) with cotton candy on it (white/blue/pink)
- Stove with oven (blue/yellow/pink)
- Table (pink) of which the top can be turned. On one side there is an image of four empty plates and on the other side four plates with a slice of cake.
- Two pieces of cardboard with images which can be push out of it: four cotton candies, three menu’s, four plates, four cookies, four pies with six pieces, four sorbets.
Remark In 2003 the same playset was issued again, but this time with bonus ponies Sparkleworks, Star Swirl en Meadowbrook.