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G3 Playsets

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Name The Celebration Castle
Dutch name Het Feestkasteel
Corresponding pony Baby Pink Sunsparkle
Year of issue 2003
Description The Celebration Castle is purple and pink with white and is decorated with glitters and sparkling stars and hearts. On the front of the castle there is a drawing bridge. Under the drawing bridge there is a pond with grass among it. In the pond are fish, a frog and floating flowers. The grass is also decorated with flowers.
When a pony touches the pink heart, at the entrance of the castle, with her magnetic hoof, the lights start twinkling and music starts to play (the MLP- song). In the castle there are big yellow stairs downstairs.
The castle has a bedroom with balcony, a kitchen with two windows, a nursery with one window and a dressing room with one window. Under the dressing room there is a big pink drawer hidden. The castle has a real elevator to get the ponies to the roof where they can go to the hot air balloon to make a ride with it.
The kitchen has a stove which opens when a pony touches the heart with her magnetic hoof; than the sink appears.
Accessories - Baby pony “Pink Sunsparkle”
- Brush with bow (pink)
- Pony charm (transparent pink with glitters)
- Comb (pink)
- Crown (pink)
- Clothes rack (turquoise)
- Hanger (pink)
- Tutu (orange)
- Vanity chest (pink)
- Toy box (orange)
- Bed (pink/white/orange)
- Kitchen (turquoise/white)
- Skillet (orange)
- Teapot (yellow)
- Two cups (yellow)
- Two dishes (yellow)
- Two forks (orange)
- Hot air balloon (pink/orange/purple/blue) decorated with the MLP-logo and flowers (white/pink/purple/green/yellow/orange)