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G3 Playsets

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Name Lovely Locks Salon
Dutch name Kapsalon de Prachtige Paardenstaart
Corresponding pony Amberlocks
Year of issue 2003
Description The salon is pink, purple and orange and is decorated with flowers. The playset is retractable. When a pony touches the heart of the cash register with her magnetic hoof, it opens and the display with jewels turns around. When a pony touches the heart of the vanity with her magnetic hoof, a sink and faucet appears.
Accessories - Pony “Amberlocks”
- Brush with flower (pink)
- Pony charm (transparent red with glitters)
- Comb (pink)
- Tutu (blue)
- Hanger (pink)
- Two hair clips (pink)
- Hair tie with flower (purple)
- Two shampoo bottles (purple)
- Dressing mirror (pink/blue/orange/ purple)
- Vanity with removable mirror pink/orange/purple/white) sink and hairdryer with cord
- Cash register (green/blue/ purple/yellow/pink) with a display with jewels
Remark In 2003 the same playset was issued again, but this time with bonus ponies Autumn Skye, Meadowbrook and Minty (I).