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G3 Playsets

Picture by: barnebous

Name Twist & Style Petal Parlour with Bonus Breezie
Dutch name Bloemensalon
Corresponding pony Snippity Snap
Year of issue 2006
Description The petal parlour is a pink with green fairy-ish playset, decorated with purple and deep pink flowers. Below there is a hair dresser for the breezie and on the left top there is a big transparent pink flower where the breezie lives in. The flower closes by turning the cloths rack to the left and opens if the pony touches the pink heart with her magnetic hoof. On the right there is a mechanism to make the hairs of the ponies beautiful: Attach a lock of hair in both hair clips, put the pony with her magnetic hoof on a heart and turn the handle. Super Long Hair Ponies can stand on the "ground" and the other ponies have to stand on the big pink flower.
Accessories - Brush with bow (white)
- Three hairclips with ribbons (purple/pink/deep pink)