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G1 Playsets

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Name Lullabye Nursery (III)
Dutch name Nursery
Corresponding pony Baby Tiddly-Winks
Year of issue 1986
Description The nursery is white with a pink roof and a door in the shape of a white/purple/pink bottle. The doorknob is a pink heart and can be opened if you push the pink knob on the left side of the roof. On the roof there is a big, white safety-pin that you can use to carry the playset. On the safety-pin is a big white/blue paned bow tie. The outside of the nursery is decorated with coloured backgrounds with each a big character on it. The front says BABY; on the right are the characters C and D; on the back are the characters E and F; on the left are the characters G and H.
Accessories - Pony "Baby Tiddly Winks"
- Swing (pink)
- Rocker (purple)
- Crib (white)
- Drawer (blue)
- Bath tub (pink/blue)
- Towel (blue/pink)
- Mirror (pink)
- Mobile (pink/blue)
- Rack (blue) for bottles
- Bowl (pink)
- Bottle (white/pink)
- Bottle (white/yellow)
- Cloths rack (purple)
- Teddy bear (pink/blue/brown)
- Rattle (yellow/white)
- Two wooden blocks (white) with coloured characters on it
- Diaper box (blue) with sleeping pony (pink) on it
- Two diapers (white)
- Powder container (pink/white)
- ID-necklace (pink/white)
- Brush with bear (purple)
Remark Different variations of this playset have been issued.