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G1 Playsets

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Name Kitchen
Dutch name Keuken
Year of issue 1991
Description The kitchen is white with a yellow floor and door. The cupboards, sink and the stove are pink and the breakfast table is yellow. The kitchen is retractable and can easily be carried.
Accessories - Baking dish (blue)
- Four cupcakes (yellow/red)
- Pie (yellow)
- Rolling pin (green)
- Ladle (green)
- Tongs (green)
- Pizza cutter (groen)
- Serving tray (groen)
- Four cups (blue)
- Four plates (blue)
- Five cookie cutters: moon, star, flower, heart, gingerbread man (blue)
- Mixing bowl (blue)
- Saucepan (blue)
- Cover for saucepan (blue)
- Baking plate (blue)
Remark There is no pony included in this playset.