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G1 Playsets

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Name Show Stable
Corresponding pony Lemon Drop
Year of issue 1983
Description The stable is white with a purple roof and blue floor. The roof can be opened and when it is closed and the white doors are closed, you can carry the stable with the grip which can be found on the roof. On the roof there is a white/purple tower with a yellow pony which shows the directions of the wind. The stable also has a backdoor, with three hooks, to hang stuff on.
Accessories - Pony "Lemon Drop"
- Dog "Brandy" (brown)
- Heart-shaped brush (yellow)
- Bed (white/purple)
- Blanket (purple)
- Saddle (pink)
- Gear (pink)
- Barrier (white/yellow)
- Barrier (white)
- Three trophies (yellow)
- Three winners ribbons (white): 1st (blue); 2nd (red); 3rd (orange)
- Six fences (dark green)
- Two window-sills (dark green)
- Two feed boxes (dark green)
- Flag (white/green) with the symbol of pony “Blossom" (flowers)
- Flag (white/pink) with the symbol of pony "Peachy" (heart)
- Flag (white/blue) with the symbol of pony "Blue Belle" (stars)
- Flag (white/yellow) with the symbol of pony "Butterscotch" (butterflies)
Remark Different variations of this playset have been issued.