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G1 Playsets

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Name School
Year of issue 1991
Description The school is light pink with a purple floor and green windows and entrance. Above the entrance hangs a yellow bell and on the roof there is a wind-vane with pony. Above the black board hangs a yellow clock, from which a blue cuckoo comes out when it’s 3 o’clock. Next to the entrance there is a retractable slide. The school itself is also retractable and can easily be carried with the help of the “handle” with the birds on it.
Accessories - Glasses (green)
- Globe (blue/yellow)
- Xylophone (purple/blue/green)
- Jumping rope (pink/blue)
- Two school banks which can be opened (pink/yellow)
- Ruler (yellow)
- Ruler (light blue)
- Pencil (yellow)
- Pencil (light blue)
- Schoolbook (light blue) with sums and a doll
- Schoolbook (light blue) with butterflies, flowers and a story
Remark In 2002 this school was also issued, but it was for the G2 ponies. The colours are a little bit different, but the accessories are the same. The only big difference is that a pony came with the G2 school and not with the G1 school.