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G1 Playsets

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Name Pretty Parlor
Corresponding pony Peachy
Year of issue 1983
Description The parlour is blue and white. On the back there is an image of pony “Butterscotch” staring out of the imaginary window. The outside of the window is a rainbow with the logo of My Little Pony. On the pot under the window is the name of the playset: Pretty Parlor. On the ground are clovers and two flying butterflies and a star.
Accessories - Pony “Peachy”
- Heart-shaped brush (pink)
- Original comb (pink)
- Two ribbons (one green; one yellow)
- Horse blanket (white)
- Saddle (purple)
- Gear (purple)
- Round hat (white)
- Caned hat (yellow) with two flowers (pink)
- Eight nametags (Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Lemon Drop, Minty, Peachy, Snuzzle)
- "Twinkles" the cat (orange/black)
- Basket with belt (pink) for “Twinkles”
Remark - On the package of the playset the colours of the hats are reversed.
- The quadrangle sticker with pony “Majesty” which you see on the picture, does not belong to this playset.