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G2 Playsets

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Name My Little Pony School
Corresponding pony Butterfly
Year of issue 2002
Description The school is deep pink with a purple floor and green windows and entrance. Above the entrance hangs a yellow bell and on the roof there is a wind-vane with pony. Above the black board hangs a yellow clock, from which a blue cuckoo comes out when it’s 3 o’clock. Next to the entrance there is a retractable slide. The school itself is also retractable and can easily be carried with the help of the “handle” with the birds on it.
Accessories - Glasses (green)
- Globe (blue/yellow)
- Xylophone (purple/blue/green)
- Jumping rope (pink/white)
- Two school banks which can be opened (pink/yellow)
- Ruler (yellow)
- Ruler (deep blue)
- Pencil (yellow)
- Pencil (deep blue)
- Schoolbook (deep blue) with sums and a sun
- Schoolbook (deep blue) with jumping rabbit, butterfly and cloud
Year on package 2002
Remark In 1991 this school was also issued, but it was for the G1 ponies. The colours are a little bit different, but the accessories are the same. The only big difference is that a pony came with the G2 school and not with the G1 school.