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G2 Playsets

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Name Holiday in the Countryside
Corresponding pony Holiday in the Countryside
Year of issue 2002
Description This yellow portable case changes into a playset when you open it.
The playset has four sceneries:
1) A meadow with flowers.
2) A meadow without flowers.
3) A landscape with the moon and stars in the sky; on the grass stands a tent and four trees.
4) A landscape with faraway four white houses, the mountains and six trees.

You can draw your favourite sceneries and insert your drawings into your playset:
1) Take out one of the existing sceneries and draw the profile of the new scenery on a white cardboard.
2) Draw your favourite landscape on it and cut the new cardboard scenery.
3) Put the new scenery in the playset, inserting it from the centre of the playset.
Accessories - Comb with bow tie (pink)
- Binoculars (black)
- Pie (brown/red)
- Two glasses (purple)
- Two plates (purple)
- Paned blanket (red/blue/green/white/black)
Year on package 2000
Remark This playset’s pony has no name.