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G2 Playsets

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Name Birthday Playset
Corresponding pony Festivities
Year of issue 2001
Description The Birthday playset is pink and consists of a kitchen and a party room.
The kitchen has a purple/yellow/green oven with next to it a foldable blue table and a yellow fence. The party room has a blue dancefloor which really turns when you turn the pink wheel. The walls are decorated with swirls, bow ties, balloons, flowers and stars. In the room stands a purple table on which you can put the food and drinks. The backside of the table, on the other side of the wall, can be opened so you can use it to store accessories.
Accessories - Comb with bow tie (yellow)
- Two invitations (blue) with five balloons and a rainbow in the shape of the G2 logo
- Two party whistles (silver/red/yellow/white)
- Two party hats (white) with coloured swirls
- Gift (pink/yellow)
- Radio (pink)
- Two tins of coke (red/white/grey)
- Four cups (yellow)
- Pie (brown/red/white)
- Pan for pie (purple)
- Six muffins (brown/white) in a tin (purple)
- Kettle (purple)
- Sponge (yellow) to make the muffins change their colours
Year on package 2000
Remark This playset was issued to celebrate 20 years of My Little Pony.