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G2 Playsets

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Name Enchanted Throne with Queen Sun Sparkle
Corresponding pony Queen Sun Sparkle (III)
Year of issue 1999
Description The throne is pink, purple and white, yellow with a little bit of turquoise and red.
Under the red part there is a red carpet which you can pull out of it.
Under the big crown there is a place to store accessories.
When you place the wand in the hole on the left, the door of the purple space opens.
The yellow decoration can be used by children as a tiara.
Accessories - Comb with crown (transparent purple with glitters)
- Tiara (transparent purple with glitters)
- Medallion (transparent red with glitters)
- Two cups (transparent red with glitters)
- Wand with star (yellow)
Year on package 1998
Remark Per playset the colours of some accessories can be different than described.