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G2 Playsets

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Name Giggle Garden Nursery
Corresponding pony Baby Flitter
Year of issue 2000
Description The Kindergarten is pink with white and has a yellow floor and green grass with purple flowers. In the garden is a yellow/white climbing rack with purple slide. Next to the grass there is hopscotch. On the floor there is a reversible carpet: one side is blue with three flowers; the other side is purple with pillows, a blanket and some toys. Under the yellow window is a foldable table with a blue placemat with a plate with fritters. The door to the garden is pink. The playset is retractable and can easily be carried.
Accessories - Comb with crown (purple)
- Crayon (white)
- Bear (yellow)
- Clown (purple)
- Three ducks on wheels (pink)
Year on package 1999