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G2 Playsets

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Name Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory
Corresponding pony Princess Morning Glory (II)
Year of issue 1999
Description The tower is purple and on the outside decorated with pink/green flowers. The tower has two rooms: a ballroom and a general room. The floor of the ballroom goes round and round when you turn the wheel and on the ceiling there is a yellow candle holder. In Princess Morning Glory’s room hangs a mirror with hidden surprises. The tower can be reached through a purple gate with fence with behind it a grey stoned path, surrounded with grass and bushes.
Accessories - Comb with crown (transparent pink with glitters)
- Big brush (pink) with mirror on it
- Tiara (yellow)
- Necklace (white)
- Chair (pink/purple/yellow)
- Braid (pink) attached to hair clip (pink/yellow)
- Four shoes (white)
- Paned bandana (blue/green/white)
- Reversible dress (one side is shiny purple; one side is paned)
- Two reversible sleeves (side is shiny purple; one side is paned)
- Pearl bracelet (white) for you!
Year on package 1998