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G2 Playsets

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Name Magic Rainbow Forest with Sun Sparkle
Corresponding pony Sun Sparkle (IV)
Year of issue 1999
Description The magic rainbow forest consists of a green meadow with a river running through it. It has a tree with a yellow tree-house, decorated with pink flowers. In the tree hangs a yellow swing. The tree-house can be reached with a blue ladder which hangs on the back. In the tree-house there is a blue telescope. In the wood is a purple bridge and there is a big rainbow on the backside. On the grass there is a purple see-saw and a chequered picnic carpet. In the river you will find a yellow frog, a yellow lily leaf and a yellow fish.

The magic rainbow forest has seven fun activities, five of them with magical sounds:
1) When Sun Sparkle plays on the see-saw, you hear her giggle.
2) When you touch the purple butterflies next to the see-saw, you hear the wind.
3) When you press the flower in the water, you hear the water flow.
4) You can move the fish (no sound).
5) When you press the frog, he starts to quack.
6) When you press the tree stump, a squirrel pops up.
7) When you press the butterfly in the tree, a bird appears from the tree (no sound).
Accessories - Comb with berries (blue)
- Picnic basket (pink)
- Clip-on sky flier (purple)
Year on package 1999