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G2 Playsets

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Name Sweet Berry’s Magic Kitchen
Corresponding pony Sweet Berry (IV)
Year of issue 1999
Description The kitchen is yellow with a green floor and pink fence. In the kitchen is a white oven with green door and pink stove. On the left wall there is a foldable table and on the right wall there is a space to stor the accessories.
Accessories - Comb with grapes (transparent green)
- Apron (yellow/red)
- Tea towel (yellow/red)
- Pie (brown/red/white)
- Pan for pie (purple)
- Six muffins (brown/white) in a tin (purple)
- Rolling pin (brown)
- Fork (brown)
- Spoon (brown)
- Frying pan (purple)
- Two bowls (orange)
- Kettle (orange)
Year on package 1998