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G2 Playsets

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Name Wedding Chapel with Dainty Dove
Corresponding pony Dainty Dove (I)
Year of issue 1998
Description The wedding chapel is white with a purple floor and pink fences. The chapel is decorated with pink/green/blue flowers and hearts and big purple bow ties. On top of the chapel two doves are kissing each other. When to pony stands on the rainbow on the floor, the mirror changes into a painting and the wedding ring appears. On the right there is a white heart-shaped knob which you can use to make the carpet disappear. When you put the ends of the doves in the hole below the bow tie and in the hole in the pink flower between the white bells, you can easily carry the playset.
Accessories - Comb with dove (white)
- Veil (white/green)
- Wedding ring (gold with glitters) with diamond (transparent)
- Bouquet (pink/white/green)
Year on package 1998