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G2 Playsets

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Name Ivy’s Beauty Parlour
Corresponding pony Ivy (II)
Year of issue 1998
Description The beauty parlour is purple with a yellow floor and a yellow door with a rainbow on it. In the parlour there is a mirror with rainbow, a yellow clothes rack and yellow pot with roses in it. When you put a flower in the magic brush, you can make them magically appear when you brush the pony’s hair and push the button of the brush.
Accessories - Comb with butterfly (purple)
- Magic brush (yellow/pink/purple)
- Seat (pink) with flower (purple/yellow) on the seat lid
- Table (green/pink) with hair dryer (pink/purple)
- Two bottles (yellow/pink)
- Two bow ties (one pink; one purple)
- Scissors (yellow)
- Three attachable flowers (two yellow/pink; one purple/pink) for in the hair
Year on package 1998