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G3 Playsets

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Name Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio
Dutch name Dansstudio Fonkelster
Corresponding pony Twinkle Twirl
Year of issue 2004
Description The Dance Studio is retractable and can be carried like a suitcase. The suitcase is orange and pink. The inside is decorated with orange butterflies, pink hearts and bows, paintings and wallpaper with hearts.
The big dance floor is white with pink, purple and orange flowers. On the dance floor there are three transparent smaller dance floors; one pink, one purple and one orange.
When you press the button you hear music, the lights go on and the dance floor starts spinning.
The pink dance floor spins extra.
The drawers of the vanity chest pop open when a pony touches the heart with her magnetic hoof. When a pony touches the heart on the cake, the cake grows.
Accessories - Pony “Twinkle Twirl”
- Brush with flower (purple)
- Tutu (transparent pink)
- Vanity chest (pink/purple)
- Punch bowl (transparent pink)
- Ladle (transparent pink)
- Two goblets (transparent purple)
- Folding screen (purple)
- Plate with carrot cake (white/brown/orange)
- Plate with blueberry cake (blue/brown)
- Plate with strawberry-cream cake (red/white)
- Plate with chocolate cake (brown/white/pink)
- Plate with pumpkin cake (orange/pink/white)